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What is a wireframe?

Wireframes are simple, grey-scale visual representations of a web page or mobile app, similar to a blueprint for a home. It shows the structure and functionality of a website before adding content to the website. It can create an outline, using HTML/CSS or software, of the specific size and placement of page elements, site features, conversion areas, search systems and navigation systems for your website.

BANDZUS Provides Four Types of Wireframes Web Design From The Simplest Type to Complex.

Basic wireframes

It is the simplest wireframe. We provide low-fidelity renderings for such wire frameworks in black-and-white.

Annotated wireframes

We provide Wireframe annotations with a clear and brief explanation of our designs. It adds additional details to our basic wireframe work describing each item on it. We keep the areas of the content and its function separate for better understanding.

User flow wireframe

For a user to understand the logical move from page to page we provide fully interactive wireframe work. It shows the user flow with the annotated wireframes which can be static or in a slideshow as per requirement.

Interactive high definition wireframes

It involves complete explanation and information of the website using software like presentations, graphic designs, or specially designed software for wireframing or prototyping. Through this interactive mechanism within or between individual wireframes, the time of design and development is saved.

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BRANDZUS provides a professionally talented team for wireframe work that will save your time and money in the testing phase of any project.

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